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Fashion Designer Paidemoyo Chideya has spent the last fifteen years discovering what it means to become not only the epitome of the classic, but the innovative of fashion as well. With her product line, it is clear that this designer is here to make her mark on the fashion world.

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Sweden, London and with nuances in Paris, Paidemoyo learned to refine her design eye through the diversity of all the multiplexes of cultures that surrounded her upbringing. Upon her New York City arrival, and determined to learn and succeed in the fashion realm, she apprenticed for Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein and the likes of Ralph Lauren, where she learned to refine her eye for vintage, style, eloquence and demure. 

Now mature, and ready to entrance the world with her own style, she has created DeMOYO which encapsulates her vision of the fashion world and her efforts to give back to a world that is in desperate need of healing. This designer not only has a vision, but genuinely works on infusing help into the infrastructures of suffering economies, by not only being eco- conscious, but by creating jobs where jobs are needed right in the heart of the problem, sourcing locally in Africa.